Sunday, February 12, 2012

Barn Themed Chicken Tractor

I started building a chicken tractor a few weeks ago. I needed a place to pasture raise chickens without the risk of predators killing them. We are also going to be raising some meat birds starting next week. I spent a long time searching the Internet to find the design I wanted and never did find it. I couldn't decide if I should build a tractor with a house attached for nesting and roosting or just a "Salatin" like meat bird tractor. I wanted to build something a little more attractive than my last coop also. I decided to go with a good looking meat tractor. I will build more permanent coops at the new house since we wont have ton of pasture there anyway.

I started with a 10x6ft frame made of 2x4's. I then attached 10ft pieces of PVC.

The ends are finished off with plywood cut to the same shape as the PVC.

I ran the PVC through a 1x4 that attaches to the plywood on each end.

I painted The frame barn red and the doors red and white to look like a barn

I then ran 2ft of hardware cloth across the bottom and chicken wire across the top and stapled it to the frame.

The tractor also has a wheel system that allows is to be raised of the ground and then rolled to fresh grass. I need to upgrade the poles I used for the levers but I can do that later.

Now I have to get started on my chicken plucker!


NewHomesteaderof2 said...

BC- That looks GREAT! I was just showing Eric a mobile chicken tractor in Countryside Mag. today that had trailer jacks to move it around, but this one was like a low, flat box, similar to some of Joel's... yours looks awesome... you go, boy!!!!! P.S. How do you move it around w/o chickens getting run over or squished?!

Scott said...

Well I havnt tested that part out yet but Im thinking b/c its raised at all four corners it shouldnt squish them. We will see chickens can be dumb and not move when you want them too. Hopefully if I move it slow it will work. I will update you once i find out for sure.